How Do I Change My Address

Please note that the mailing address you have with the Assessor's Office may not be the same as the mailing address for your tax bill maintained by the Treasurer's Office. Your mailing address as of mid-August with the Treasurer's Office should reflect where you will be in September as that is when the Treasurer's Office will mail your tax bill whose first half will be due by October 1st.

While the Treasurer's Office updates their addresses off of the ownership information filed with the Recorder's Office and the Assessor's Office over time, you can update your address now with the Treasurer's Office by visiting your parcel summary on the Treasurer's website and clicking the "Update Address" button you will see there. You can get to this parcel summary from our website by clicking the "View/Pay Tax Bill" button on the parcel information you see on the Assessor's Office website.

You can fill out the Real Property Update Mailing Address (PDF) / DocuSign Version or Mobile Home Mailing Address Update (PDF) / DocuSign Version form. For a fast, paperless service try our DocuSign forms! Otherwise, you can follow the steps below.

In the main menu you will see a link to "Contact". Click on "Contact" and fill out the form.

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Be sure to select the dropdown option that says "Address Change" and to include your parcel number.

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In the message box, include your new mailing address for the parcel indicated. If you have more than one parcel, please include the additional parcel numbers for which you would like the address changed.